Organic Cell Pack Herbs Information
Hillcrest Nursery Inc. has been specializing in Cell Pack Herbs for over 30 years and became USDA Certified Organic in 2008.
All Organic Cell Pack Orders (Pre-Book and Excess) are ordered through liners.
  • Sizes: 102 Liner, 84 Liner, and Split 102 Liner (Split 102 has a count of 51 plugs)
Prebook Orders
  1. Prebook orders require a lead time of 12 weeks prior to requested ship date
  2. You can Prebook online at: Organic Cellpack Herbs Prebook or email the order form to
  3. Order changes/cancellations cannot be made once items are in production
  4. *Items go into production 8-12 weeks before shipdate*
Weekly Excess Orders
  1. Excess availability is posted after prebooks are pulled for the week
  2. Orders from excess availability will ship the following Monday or Tuesday
  3. Excess items are listed online at: Weekly Availability
  4. Excess items will not be confirmed until the order has been pulled
  5. **During peak seasons we may not have an excess availability**
For more information on ordering see: How to Order

Quality Assurance

Organic Herb Varieties
Years Certified Organic
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Organic Herb Production
Pricing & Early Order Discount (EOD)
Price Code Liner Size Price Unit Price Notes:
Price Code 1 102 Hex $63.00 0.63 Most Basil, Mint, Marjoram and more
Price Code 2 102 Hex $64.00 0.64 Most Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme and more
Price Code 3 84  Hex $57.60 0.72 Patchouli
Price Code 4 102 Hex $69.00 0.69 Echinacea/Stevia
Price Code 5 Split 102 Hex $32.00 0.64 Most Basil, Mint, Marjoram and more
Price Code 6 Split 102 Hex $32.50 0.65 Most Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme and more
Price Code 7 Split 102 Hex $36.50 0.73 Echinacea/Stevia
  1. EODs are for Prebooked Orders placed by Mid-October for shipment the following January - June
  2. The minimum order to qualify for an EOD is 1200 cellpack herb plugs per ship date 
  3. Discount Pricing:
  4. $1.00 off per 100 plugs on orders of 1200 plugs per ship date
  5. $1.50 off per 100 plugs on orders of 1300 - 4000 plugs per ship date
  6. $2.00 off per 100 plugs on orders of 4100, or more plugs per ship date
  7. **Note: Early Order Discount is Applied to Final Invoice**
Tray Sizes Information
  1. We offer cell pack herbs in 102 Liner and Split 102 Liner
  2. Patchouli is the exception and is grown in an 84 Liner
  3. 102 Liners are 21" x  12" x  2" and contain 102 plugs*
  4. Split 102 Liners are 21" x  6" x  2" and contain 51 plugs*
  5. 84 Liners are 22" x  11" x  2" and contain 84 plugs*
  6. 102 and Split 102 Liners have 1" hex cells
  7. 84 Liners have 1.5" hex cells
  8. *Only billed for 100, 50, and 80 plugs respectively*

Picture Tags Information
  1. Picture Tags are available for $14/100 or $7/50
  2. Tags are approximately 4.5" x 1.5"
  3. Tags are required for any herb with a royalty
  4. If tags are requested it MUST be for the entire order
  5. Tags are only sold in bundles of 50
  6. Tags for excess items are not guaranteed
  7. A restocking fee of 5% will be charged if tags are cancelled
Box Information
  1. Herbs are shipped in sturdy boxes with 2, 3, or 4 inserts
  2. Full (4x4 & 3x3) boxes are 22"x 13"x 16"
  3. Half (2x2) boxes are 22"x 13"x 9"
  4. A full box (a box of 4) will fit 400 plugs
  5. (Tall plants may require a box of 3)
  6. There is a $8.00/box boxing fee
  7. Mesh wrapping is added for protection
  8. Winter wrap or heatpacks will be added if needed
  9. - Winter Wrap: $2.00/box
  10. - Heat Packs: $1.50/box
More Boxing Images:
4x4 Box
3x3 Box
2x2 Box
Mesh Wrap
Heat Pack
Winter Wrap

  1. We ship cellpack herbs across the US and Canada
  2. Shipping is through FedEx, UPS, or Air Freight
  3. Customers can also pick up their order at our location
Quality Assurance
  1. Hillcrest Nursery Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality plants
  2. If there is ever an issue with your order, you will need to make a claim
  3. Claims are handled on a case by case basis
  1. Effective July 1st 2024 a processing fee of 3% will be applied to accounts paying with Credit Card
  2. Payments must be made via credit card unless you have preapproved terms
  3. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express
  4. Local Pickups may also pay via cash or check