Ordering Information
Availability for all finished plant material is updated on a weekly basis. Organic Cellpack Herbs availability is also updated weekly and Prebooking is available on a 12 week lead time.
  1. Finished Plants - 
  2. Finished plants are for local wholesale customers only
  3. Orders must be placed ahead of time through our website, fax, or email
  4. Orders are delivered via local delivery or customer pick-up 
  5. Sometimes it may be possible to drop by to view our current stock but we reserve the right to request online orders only 
  6. For more information visit our Finished Plants page
  7. Organic Cellpack Herbs -
  8. We ship cellpack herbs anywhere in the country via FedEx, UPS, or Air Freight 
  9. Excess Availability comes out between Monday-Wednesday season dependent 
  10. Weekly Excess Cellpack Herb orders need to be finalized by noon (EST) on Friday
  11. Orders are shipped the following Monday or Tuesday and will have an approximate two days travel time
  12. Excess Cellpack Herbs availability is only updated after Prebook orders have been fulfilled for the week
  13. Availability is subject to weather and volume of Prebooked orders, we do not guarantee to have one every week
  14. For Prebooked Herbs, orders ship the week requested so long as there is a 12 week lead time between ordering and shipment
  15. PLEASE NOTE: If Split 102 Liners of a single variety are Prebooked, it will default to a 102 Liner as it costs less per plug 
How to Order:
  1. You may place your order through our website, email, or fax. It is preferable that you place your order either through our website.
  2. Ordering Online - 
  3. Make sure you are logged into your Online Account
  4. If you do not have an online account please register here (local wholesale) or here (cellpacks)
  5. To order online start by going to the Finished Plants Availability , Organic Cellpacks Availability, or Organic Cellpacks Prebooking
  6. You can view items by a specific category or select "Plant Type" to view all available plants at once
  7. Please note, Cellpack customers will only be able to see cellpack herbs
  8. Add the desired items to your cart by inputing a quantity into the white box on the item line and clicking "Add to Cart"
  9. Once you have added all desired items to cart, click the "View Cart" icon in the top righthand corner of the page
  10. Adjust Qty/Remove Items as needed, click on "Secure Checkout" once you are ready to checkout
  11. On this page, make sure billing/shipping information is correct and update if needed
  12. When ready, click "Review Your Order" in the bottom right of the page
  13. Check to make sure your order is correct, select desired delivery/pickup date, & shipping method
  14. Add any additional comments at this point
  15. Once everything is entered, click "Place My Order" in the bottom right of the page
  16. The final screen is your order confirmation
  17. Ordering via Email -
  18. For local wholesale customers, download the availability PDF or Excel file from the availability email 
  19. Fill out the PDF/Excel file and email it to info@hillcrestnursery.com
  20. For organic cellpack customers you can download the weekly availability form here
  21. For organic cellpack prebooks, you can download the order form here
  22. Once you know your order, email the form or type the items in the body of an email and send it to orders@hillcrestnursery.com
  23. Make sure to include whether or not you want tags and that all shipping/billing information is up to date
  24. **No screenshots/images, only scanned documents / excel files / text in the body of the email are accepted**
  25. Ordering via Fax -
  26. For local wholesale customers, download the availability PDF or Excel file from the availability email
  27. For organic cellpack customers, you can download the availability form here
  28. For organic cellpack prebooks, you can download the order form here
  29. Fill out the order form with desired quantities and any additional comments
  30. Make sure to make note of the # of pages being faxed as well as your business name
  31. Fax your order form to 410-239-4396