Shipping & Customer Pick Up Information
Shipping Fees are not determined until the week before the items ship out and can vary depending on time of year and location of shipment
**Cellpack herbs are the only product that we ship, all other products are for local pickup or delivery in our local region**
Shipping - UPS/FedEx
  1. Orders are shipped out on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays
  2. We ship 2-day via FedEx or UPS
  3. Overnight Shipping is available upon request*
  4. There is a boxing fee of $8.00/box
  5. Winter Wrap ($2.00/box) and Heat Packs ($1.75/box) may be added to an order to protect the plants from extreme temperatures

  1. *We reserve the right to upgrade shipping speed at the customers expense or hold shipment up to one week due to weather related issues
Shipping - Air Freight
  1. We ship via Delta Cargo from BWI under select circumstances
  2. Air freight ships out on Mondays for collection at the destination airport the following day
  3. The minimum order for Air Freight is:
  4. - 10 boxes or 40,000 plugs (40 - 102 Liners)
  5. There is a boxing fee of $8.00/box
  6. There is a airport drayage fee of $5.50/box
  7. Air freight shipping charges are paid to the airport upon collection
Customer Pickup
  1. Customers are welcome to pick up at our location
  2. Pickup hours are Tuesday-Friday 7:00am-2:30pm
  3. Orders must be placed in advance at least 24 hours before requested pickup date
  4. Late Summer-Winter you may be able to visit the greenhouses to look at plants
  5. During the busy Spring season we cannot accomodate on site browsing
  6. For directions visit our Driving Directions page
Local Deliveries
  1. Local Deliveries are sent out throughout the week
  2. The day and time of your delivery depends on what other orders are set to be delievered for the week
  3. There is an order minimum for delivery that can be anywhere from $500-$1000+ depending on the season and the volume of orders we have
  4. Local deliveries are only to certain areas in the PA/MD/DC region
  5. Plants will arrive on carts via one of our delivery trucks