Organic Cell Pack Herbs Information

Hillcrest Nursery Inc. has been specializing in Cell Pack Herb production for over 30 years.

We ship worldwide through FedEx, UPS and Air Freight. Customer pick-up is also available during our open business hours.

After customer inquiries, Hillcrest Nursery Inc. became Certified Organic under the USDA National Organic Program in 2008.

Orders may be placed to be contract grown. Herb cuttings can be grown in either 105 trays or split 51 trays. Seed varieties are only available to be grown in 105 trays. All plug sizes are 1” hexagons.

The box we use to ship holds 4- 105 trays, 8- 51 trays, or both sizes can be mixed in the same box (as long as 2- 51 trays are side by side).

Lead times for Contract Grown Herbs can vary between 12-15 weeks on average.

(Please submit orders a minimum of 12 weeks in advance)

2020 Pre-Book Order Forms, Herb descriptions, and Current Organic Certification are ready to download below.

Hillcrest Nursery Inc. also offers Cell Pack Herbs on a Speculative Availability, updated and ready on a weekly basis. You may request to be added to our email broadcast or view & submit orders online at

For any further questions Contact Us.

Download Additional Information

2020 Organic HCP Excel Order Form

Order in multiples of 50 or 100. 400 plug minimum required to ship.

E.O.D. & Information

Information on Early Order Discount, Ordering & Shipping, and Quality & Claims

Organic Cell Pack Herb Program

Introduction and Explanation of Hillcrest Nursery's Organic Cell Pack Herb Production, Lead Times, and Pricing

Organic Certification

Updated June 1, 2019