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Our 105/100 & 51/50 Organic Herb Plug Size = 1" hexagon (excluding Patchouli 84/80)

Organic Cell Pack Herbs

Program Information & Pre-Book Order Form Below

Hillcrest Nursery Inc. has been specializing in Cell Pack Herbs for over 30 years.  After customer inquiries, Hillcrest Cell Pack Herb Plugs became USDA Certified Organic in 2008.

  • Orders may be shipped via FedEx, UPS, Air Freight or Customer Pick-Up
  • Pre-book orders require lead time to grow (about 10-15 weeks season depending)
  • Please submit any "Pre" Orders at least 12 weeks before ship date
  • Shipping occurs on Monday's and Tuesday's allowing about 2 day travel time and not overlap a weekend

Organic Cell Pack Herbs are also available on a Weekly Excess Availability. 
This list is updated after Orders, pre-booked or placed the week before, have been shipped.
Mid-week is a recommended time to check Availability for new items.
"Excess" Orders need to be finalized by noon on Friday before week of shipping, with updated payment method for processing.  

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Organic Cell Pack Herb Program

Introduction and Explanation of Hillcrest Nursery's Organic Cell Pack Herb Production, Lead Times, and Pricing

E.O.D. & Information

Information on Early Order Discount, Ordering & Shipping, and Quality & Claims

Organic Certification

Updated June 24, 2020