Our standard Box of 4, for shipping Organic Cell Packs.

Our standard Box of 4, for shipping Organic Cell Packs.


2.5" Succulents available for pick-up or local delivery.

One of our delivery trucks.

One of our delivery trucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hillcrest Nursery is dedicated to your satisfaction and understanding. Some frequently asked questions are:

What are your hours, and can I shop in person?

  • Hillcrest is a Wholesale Nursery and is not open to the general public

  • Hillcrest is open Monday - Friday, 7:00 - 2:30. During our peak season (Late Winter - Spring) we do not permit customers to shop due to heavy machinery in use, and trucks coming and going from our greenhouses. However, during our off seasons (Summer - Early Winter) visitation may be allowed, but please call our office at 1.800.452.4032 to confirm.

How far do you ship/deliver?

  • Our Organic Cell Packs are the only items that we ship, and are shipped Nationally to the United States, and occasionally Canada. Cell Packs are also available for pick-up, or local delivery.

  • Finished Herbs are only available for Pick-Up or local delivery. We deliver to the local Maryland area, Southern Pennsylvania, and Northen DC.

Can you propogate specialty plants?

  • At Hillcrest, we have maximized production and unfortunately do not have the space to grow specialty items for customers.

I have recieved an Acknowledgement, is my order confirmed?

  • At Hillcrest, we would love to guarantee an order immediately after it is placed. However, we cannot confirm the order until it has been pulled by our Greenhouse Employees. This ensures we keep track of inventory and the highest quality of plants.

If you have any further questions, you can email us at:

orders@hillcrestnursery.com - For questions reguarding Cell Packs

info@hillcrestnursery.com - For questions reguarding Finished Plants

Or call us at: