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Arugula Wasabi
Balm Lemon
Balm Lemon Variegated
Basil African Blue
Basil Amethyst
Basil Aroma
Basil Cuban
Basil Genovese
Basil Greek Columnar
Basil Lemon
Basil Mini Purple
Basil Sweet
Chamomile German
Coriander Vietnamese
Echinacea angustifolia
Fennel Bronze
Germander Upright
Hyssop Blue Flower
Lavender Dutch
Lavender Fern Leaf
Lavender Fringed (French)
Lavender Fringed Variegated
Lavender Goodwin Creek
Lavender Grey Form
Lavender Grosso (fat spike)
Lavender Hidcote
Lavender Munstead
Lavender Provence
Lavender Provence White
Lavender Sweet
Marigold Mexican Mint
Marjoram Golden
Marjoram Hardy Sweet
Mint Corsican
Mint Curly
Mint Double
Mint Emerald and Gold
Mint Julep
Mint Orange
Mint Peppermint
Mint Peppermint Chocolate
Mint Peppermint Variegated
Mint Pineapple
Mint Spearmint
Mint Spearmint Kentucky Col
Oregano Golden
Oregano Greek Mountain
Oregano Hot & Spicy
Oregano Italian
Oregano Mexican Poliomintha
Parsley Curly
Parsley Plain
Rosemary Arp
Rosemary Barbeque
Rosemary Blue Rain
Rosemary Foresteri
Rosemary Gorizia
Rosemary Hill Hardy
Rosemary Irene
Rosemary Lockwood de Forest
Rosemary Mrs. Howard's Crp.
Rosemary Prostrate
Rosemary Salem
Rosemary Spice Island
Rosemary Tuscan Blue
Sage Berggarten
Sage Dwarf
Sage Golden Variegated
Sage Grower's Friend
Sage Pineapple
Sage Purple
Sage Tricolor
Santolina Gray
Savory Dwarf Winter
Savory Winter
Tarragon French
Thyme Doone Valley
Thyme English
Thyme English Wedgewood
Thyme French
Thyme Golden Variegated
Thyme Hi Ho Silver
Thyme Lavender
Thyme Lemon
Thyme Lime Golden
Thyme Lime Green
Thyme Mother of
Thyme Mother of Red
Thyme Pink Chintz
Thyme Silver Edge
Thyme Silver Edge Lemon
Thyme Transparent Yellow
Thyme White Flower
Thyme Woolly
Verbena Lemon
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